Have you ever wondering if you got bed bugs at your home? Or you’ve seen some tiny bugs, but don’t know what they are? Or you got some red bumps on your body and wondering if they are bed bug bites? Here I collect some common bed bugs pictures to help you identify whether they are actually bed bugs.

First, don’t panic. Because bed bugs actually is a very common problem in our homes. Many people have bed bugs at their home but never even notice them. Also, bed bugs do not carry or transmit any diseases. So, even you got bed bug bites, following the instruction on our website and you will be fine. It is not something very serious.

Ok, let’s take a look at bed bug pictures:



From the above two photos of bed bugs, we can see bed bugs have six legs with normally brown color or dark brown color. You might also see some bed bugs look like that:
Those bed bugs look more yellow. Generally, they are younger ones. The full grown adult will be look like the brown ones above.

Another thing you need to know is: they such blood. That is all they do. Once bed bugs become engorged with blood, they will turn red. Those bed bugs will look like that:
Here is a closer look:

By now, you should be able to identify bed bugs by those bed bugs pictures. One more thing to remember is, those pictures are pretty big. Bed bug are not actually that big. In order to get a better idea about how big bed bugs are, see the following several photos:

You can see above, they are actually very tiny.
Bed bugs normally are less than 5mm.
This is a very interesting picture. You can see, the bed bug in that picture is pretty much the same size as Lincoln’s ear on the penny.

So, will you be able to identify bed bugs now by seeing those bed bug photos above? Hopefully the answer is yes.

For a complete bed bugs knowledge base and how to treat bed bugs,  check out bedbug.com.
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