Using Mattress Encasement is the best way to get rid of bed bugs. Here are the tips you need to know before you buy any Mattress Encasement.

There are many types of Encasement in the market, such as the most common mattress encasement, pillow encasement, luggage encasement, or even car seat encasement. There are many brands and material types you can choose from too. But one thing very important is, you need to make sure they are bug proof, especially bed bug proof.

As we all know, bed bug is very common issue in many of our homes and it is hard to completely get rid of them. Study shows there are several ways people could get bed bugs into their homes:

1. Not clean your home regularly

Bed bugs are like all others bugs, if you don’t make your home clean, sooner or later, they will come. Remember, they are not only seen on beds, they could hide themselves under carpet, in wall cracks, rooted books and even your everyday wearing cloths.

2. Travel

Traveling is one of the most common reason people get bed bugs to your home. You have no idea where exact they come from, could be from hotel’s beds, chairs, or air plane, bus or even the car you rented. They get to your luggage, your cloth and then “travel” with you back to your home.

3. Dorm Room in School

Many people did not pay attention about that. Bed bugs are commonly seen in school dorm rooms. when your kids get back home, so do bed bugs.

4. Dryer Cleaner

Believe it or not, Dryer cleaners are supposed to clean your cloth. But while your cloth were sitting with other people’s cloth, who knows what bugs could get to your cloth. Most dryer cleaner put your cloth in to a separate plastic bag to prevent and bugs. But if they don’t, you need to be careful.

In order to eliminate the possibility of bed bugs transmitted to your home from those channels, SecureSleep has three great packages which I really love every one them.

Bed Bugs Home Protection

Bed Bugs Home Protection

Package 1: Bed Bug Home Protection

Bed Bug Home Protection package includes two pillow encasement, one mattress encasement and one spring box encasement. The mattress encasement has five sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King. It give you a complete protection for your bed room. For more detail or customize this package, simply go to click Bed Bug Products.

Bed Bugs Travel Protection

Bed Bugs Travel Protection

Package 2: Bed Bug Travel Protection

Bed Bug Travel Protection package includes one travel pillow & encasement, one large luggage liner, one carry-on luggage liner and one laundry bag. It is a perfect protection plan for travelers. For more detail about Bed Bug Travel Protection package, go to click Bed Bug Products.

Bed Bugs Dorm Room Protection

Bed Bugs Dorm Room Protection

Package 3: Bed Bug Dorm Room Protection

If you have kids living in campus dorm room, then you need this package. This bed bug dorm room protection package includes one pillow encasement, 1 Twin XL size mattress encasement and two laundry bags. Click here to see more detail dorm room protection.

With these three ideal packages, you can make sure your whole family are well protected against bed bugs. Also, remember, don’t forget to use those two coupons codes to save extra 15% off.

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