Got bed bug bites, here are several easy ways to treat bed bug bites:

If you are not sure whether the bites are bed bug bites, or misquote bites, or ants bites, check out this post:
Bed Bugs bites Pictures and Bed Bugs bites symptoms!
Bed Bugs Bites symptoms?

Normally, bed bug bites look like that:

Some serious bites may look like this:

This one looks a little bit worse than the first one.

First, you need to remember: there are two problems, not one. You have bed bug bites need to be treated and you also have bed bug problem at your home which is even more important to get treated. You need to get rid of bed bug source as soon as possible. Otherwise, bed bugs mate and multiply faster than bunnies, and can pretty soon over-run your home faster than you thought. So be sure to also check out how to treat bed bugs in your home!
This post, we will just focus on how to treat bed bug bites.

Easy steps to treat bed bug bites:

1. Wash the bite areas with soap and water.

2. If there is any pain, you can simply use ice pack to reduce pain. Remember, do not scratch. Scratching will only make things worse.

3. To reduce itching, you can do any of the followings:

3.1  Mix baking soda and water to make some kind of paste, not too dry, not too runny and apply on bitten area.
3.2  Apply lemon juice on bitten area sometimes could greatly reduce itching and swells as well.
3.3. If you don’t have any of above, go to walmart or target to get some over the counter cream or lotion such as:
Cortizone-10 Max Strength Cortizone-10 Intensive Healing Formula, 2oz Boxes (Pack of 2)

Rite Aid Calamine Lotion Skin Protectant 8 fl oz (236 ml)

Member’s Mark Hydrocortisone Cream 1%, Net Wt. 4×2 oz. = 8 oz.Cortisone Treatments)

Cortisone Treatments)

4. If you got bitten pretty bad, or if the itching or pain getting worse and worse, or you have any headache, sweat symptoms,  you may need to make an appointment with your physical doctor and get more advice.

Again, remember, you also need to get rid of the bed bugs source. It is actually quite easy. Simply follow this post.
How to treat bed bugs at home?
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