Wondering if you got bed bug bites? Here are common bed bug bites symptoms.

Bed bugs are a very common problem in our homes, especially in the regions where climate is hot and Moist. See this bed bug bites picture below: This lady got a serious bed bug problem at her home:
Bed Bug Bites
That is pretty bad. She got bed bug bites on her whole body.

Here are some common questions many people asked about bed bug bites symptoms.

Common Questions about Bed Bugs Bites Symptoms:

Do bed bugs or bed bug bites transmit disease?

NO. It is very important to understand this. So when you got bites, do not panic.

Are there any special symptoms on bed bug bites?

Most people will have red bumps like the lady has in the above picture. Some people even have allergy reaction such as headache, sweat, tired. If you have those allergy symptoms, it is better to check with your doctor.
But also surprisingly, some people do not have any symptoms on bed bug bites at all. They did not even notice they got bed bug bites some times. So bed bugs bite symptom really varies on different people.

Are Bed Bugs Bites painful?

Normally not. Bed Bug Bites normally are not painful but itching. But remember, do not scratch the bitten area. If you do, not only the itching won’t go away, it will become painful.

Are Bed Bug Bites itchy?

Sure. I would say over 90% bed bugs bites are very itchy. Again, DO NOT scratch it. Scratching will only make it worse.

Any simple way to treat bed bug bites?

You can simply wash the bed bug bites area with soap and apply some calamine cream. It should reduce the itching gradually. It is going to take a while, but this normally is the easiest and most effective way to treat bed bug bites.

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