First of all, do not panic. I guess probably most of you come to this page because you got bitten by some type of bugs. If you already see those tiny bugs and wondering if they are bed bugs, check out the “What do bed bugs look like and bed bug pictures?” which will show you how easy it is to identify bed bugs.
However, if unfortunately, you have no clue what bugs bit you, the following bed bug bites pictures and classic bed bug bites symptoms should be able to help you identify whether those bites coming from bed bugs.

Now, hold breath with me and take a look at those bed bug bite pictures:

That is pretty bad. She got bed bug bites all over her body.

From these two bed bug bites pictures, we can see bed bug bites are normally in red bumps or swellings.They could bite anywhere of your body. Bed bug bites look actually very similar to mosquito bites or ants bites. But there is an easy way to identify whether the bites are bed bugs bites.

Now let’s take a closer look at bed bug bites and you will find out there is actually a pattern to tell bed bug bites from other insects bites:

The above bites are on neck.
Here is another one:

The pattern for bed bugs bites are normally 3 spots together or 3 lines. We call it “breakfast, lunch and dinner” pattern. I guess probably they are just lazy and don’t move much between their “breakfast, lunch and dinner”? Well, not sure. But the sure thing is, if you do get bites look like that pattern, clearly, you have bed bugs problem.

Again, do not panic. They do not transmit diseases. Now let’s focus on Bed Bug Bites Symptoms and How to treat Bed Bug Bites!

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